Why autonomy is important for your children?

Children at the age of 4 and 5 are ready to do many things by themselves (autonomy) making them to feel proud, happy, self -confident and promote an ability to meet any challenging situation with ease and optimism.

A child who develops autonomy will always feel more confident about themselves and their ability to solve intricate life problems, especially when you are not there. Your children will feel on top of the world, when they work on their own and without your help. They will also show enthusiasm to work more to achieve minor goals and objectives.  Just by doing these simple things, they feel very proud of their ability to do things on their own.
You may need to encourage independence in your children by watching patiently, when they try to button their shirts or doing anything on their own even if they take many minutes.

At school Kindergarten children can:

·      Be responsible for his/her homework. This means remembering which book or notebook is for homework keeping it to take it home and taking it out when they arrive at school.
·      Put their water bottles in the box when they arrive at school and take them out  to take it home.
·      Carry his/her schoolbag and keep all his/her school supplies.
·      Clean his/her table, book box and cubbies.
·      Tell short messages from school to home and vise versa
·      Fold aprons and small towels
·      Keeping toys, blocks and paints tidy.
·      Help set chairs

I’m always there supervising them and of course helping them  when they have any kind of problem with this duties and encouraging them to be independent and self-confident. They are ready to do all these!!

At home it is also important to give them small responsibilities such as:

·      Help setting the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner  (napkins, forks, chopsticks, plastic cups) and clean the table.
·      Help folding their clothes tidy
·      Help keeping their toys tidy
·      Help preparing their clothes and schoolbag for the next day.
·      Help pulling blankets and sheets to make their bed (of course not perfectly but this is a big step!)
·      Help fold towels and easy clothes.
·      Help water flowers
·      Help mom or dad to clean the car

If you observe that your children are failing in their act of learning new skills, you may need to encourage them to try again, instead of completing the task for them. They don’t have to help with all the above chores, but you can start with 2 or 3 and then continue with the others.

Learning about punctuality

Please I kindly ask you to arrive on time everyday (we start singing 9:30) this helps us to start our daily routine without any distraction and if you are coming late please let your child get into the class by him or herself to avoid any distraction for the other children that arrive on time. Our pre-kinder class is still in the process of separating from mom and with other mother’s presence they feel really anxious and stressed.
Of course you can come into the school with them but let them become independent.
If the bag is too big or heavy you can change it for a smaller size maybe like our books’ size.

Thank you very much for your help and support we share a common interest: “Your children” and I feel lucky to have this opportunity

Gaby Gaitán
Bachelor in Preschool Education